Domain Investing

You can make money online through domain name investing, so here are some investing tips on buying domain names i.e. unique web addresses. Domain names are considered to be Land on the internet and are valued as virtual real estate. So you can buy or sell them according to their value, which depends on the name selected, how it is used, the location and size (visitors) of this virtual land! Increasingly more and more investors are turning to domain names as part of their online money making strategy, mainly because they offer greater return on their dollars. Just like with any other kind of investment, there are risks involved… but domain names have continuously outperformed the stock market. It is a relatively new type of investing and those that are engaged are making great incomes and return on their money. Actually anyone can start domain investing and start making money online!

Just like real estate, gold, forex and stock investors, domain investors are also looking for returns! So if for example, you buy a domain name for $8.90 and sell it for $19.90, then you would have a 55% return on investment! And there are loads of domain investors who have made over 1000% return on their initial investments! However, please bear in mind that this is not a get rich quick program. It is simply a potential opportunity to make great returns over a period of time. Many have made money online easily and quickly this way, having earned really big returns over a very short period of time, but I recommend long term investing for the potential of greater returns.

Domain names all have extensions in the form of .com, .net, .info, .biz, .gov, .us, .mobi. .eu, .edu,  etc. New domain extensions come out every day and as a matter of fact play a major role in the value of the domain… the most valuable one being the dot com. In order to register the ownership of a domain name on the internet, you will have to have an online account with a domain registrar i.e. a company who does exactly that. Of course, the domain will have to be available, i.e. not currently owned by anyone else or, if it’s already taken, it must be on sale by its current owner for you to buy it.

As a result, domain registrars can be seen as stock market portfolio managers. Once you select a registrar, you are able to view and manage your entire portfolio of the domain names you registered or bought. I strongly recommend staying with one domain registrar in order to keep track of your domain names. One that is inexpensive, user-friendly and provides you with an advertising platform to target domain investors from all around the world and sell your domains, is It is widely considered as "the best aftermarket for domains on the Web" and can help you get top dollar for your domains by putting them up for auction! In addition they can also offer you Website Builder, Web Hosting, SSL certificates and Site Protection, Virtual Private Servers, Domain-Based Email, Online Marketing tools etc.Registering and then listing your domains on may attract dozens of potential buyers as long as they are reasonably priced in today's domain market.

Next step is to start selecting domain names to add to your portfolio that you feel will be wanted names. A safe bet will be to invest in the most common services such as real estate, plumbing, bookkeeping, florist, dentist, electrician, hairdresser, accountants etc. You could also experiment with numeric domain names. For example was sold for $245.000 and was sold for $100.000.

To sum up, buying and selling domain names is a proven, profitable method that’s been working for years for people to make money on the internet. It is quite simple and doesn’t require much technical skills. Domain names are just like real estate. So for example when real estate investors buy a house, they don’t look at what it’s worth now, but they see the potential in its growth over a few years. The same principle applies to domain names, they are likely to appreciate in value over time. I hope these domain investing tips help you make money online with the internet real estate!